LCA2015 Debian Miniconf & NZ2015 Mini-DebConf

Auckland, New Zealand
10 - 12 January 2015
260-040B Seminar Room, Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland (details)

What is Debian?

Debian was the earliest Linux distribution to be open for every developer and user to contribute their work. It continues to be the most significant distributor of Linux that is not a commercial entity (and even then, a number of commercial entities base their distributions on Debian).

What was this event about?

As Debian remains a key part of the Linux ecosystem, this miniconf and mini-DebConf collected together people from across the distros as there are a number of common interests. is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world, and is considered the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a week long, beginning with two days of mini-conferences on a huge variety of topics and then 3 days for the main conference. LCA2015 was held in Auckland, NZ in January 2015.

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What is a miniconf?

Miniconfs are one-day miniature conferences, within the main conference, which are targeted towards specific communities of interest and offer delegates an opportunity to network with other enthusiasts while immersing themselves in a specific topic or project..


DebConf is the annual Debian conference which is held in a different country every year. DebConf15 will be held in Heidelberg, Germany in August 2015. A mini-DebConf is a much smaller event which is typically regional.


Sat 10: mini-DebConf Unconference, 9am - 5pm
Sun 11: mini-DebConf Bug Squashing Party, Working groups etc
Mon 12: Debian Miniconf at LCA2015

The Call for Presentations has closed.


We'd like to thank Catalyst IT for sponsoring the venue for the mini-DebConf!


Slides are up

The slides from our speakers are now about on the site, and are linked to from Programme.

Thank you to the speakers and the attendees for making the mini-debconf a success!


An initial porgramme for the LCA2015 Debian miniconference on Monday 12 is now available, this may yet change.

Due to a limited number of talk submissions the Saturday session of the mini-DebConf is now an unconference day.


We have a venue!

The New Zealand 2015 mini-DebConf will be held in the Owen G Glenn Building at the University of Auckland. This is the same venue as LCA2015 and for more information you can see their venue page.

Within the building, we'll be in the 260-040B Seminar Room on Level 0.

CFP Open!

Woohoo! We've put out the Call for Presentations for the combined LCA2015 Debian Miniconf and NZ2015 mini-DebConf, both being held in Auckland, New Zealand in 2015!